The UK's first solar building utilising liquid bubble insulation, dynamic liquid cooling and low-grade solar energy collection technology

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Soap Bubble Insulated Solar Greenhouse

The SolarBubbleBuild is the first operational building of its kind in Europe. It is one of a handful of uniquely sustainable buildings around the world that makes use of interior-environment control systems commonly know as Solaroof technology.

To the lay observer, the most distinguishing feature of a Solaroof building would most likely be the use of liquid bubbles to create insulation. When required, a mass of soap bubbles are held between two transparent skins that form the roof and walls of a Solaroof building to provide a thick transparent blanket of insulation or cooling shading. There are other integral components and processes working within the building, but for anyone meeting with the project for the first time, the bubbles must be the most exciting and memorable element. Thus the name of my own project was arrived at with this thought in mind.

Future Eco Build

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Solar Bubble Build .com

Simply, this site aims to present clearly what has been learnt in the designing, building and running of this particular build and subsequent builds. It is also the aim of this site to provide an accessible overview of Solaroof technology and how it is being utilised and developed around the world.

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