The UK's first eco build utilising liquid bubble insulation, dynamic liquid cooling and low-grade solar energy collection.

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Technical Illustration, diagrams, conceptualized visualizations, complex system representations Technical Illustration by

Tensile Skin Eco Architecture
More investigations into tensile skin green buildings by Harvey Rayner

Expert Tree Service
ISA certified arborists
Removals and pruning specialists
Above & Beyond Tree Service

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My Art

art derived from geometry: geometry derived from art.
there's nothing supposed beyond what is seen,
the art language is purely visual, no voice can speak it -
cannot speak insightfully about it.
the concept stops here, bring on the picture-polyphony

My Root2art online store

I've been developing the Root2art brand for over a decayed with work that now overlaps into many different genre. My designs are an original blend of fine art, geometry, graphic design and just recently I've experimented with a dip into popular club culture with the release of my retro-cool line of T-shirts. A unique line of digital art posters are also available here.

Me at flickr

I've just started to experiment with photography, inspired by the phenomenon that is flickr. I have a lot to learn about the craft of photography and I lack the pro gear I would need to take this interest to the next stage, however do I feel my photographic eye is starting to open. My photos are becoming increasingly abstract and Iím already finding myself drawn to distinct visual dynamics and textures. It is a very different discipline from that in which Iíve been working for the last decade so it will be fascinating to see how this new interest evolves.

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What we grow in the SolarBubbleBuild. Rare herb and edible plants from the all over the world.

Leaving the Grid
Inspirational blog by Bill Knighton describing in detail the solutions he has engineered to facilitate off grid living in his home in NC, USA.
There exists a community of individuals and groups engaged in development and proliferation of 'Solaroof' technology throughout the world. The Solaroof Wiki (open source website) is an comprehensive resource of knowledge that served as the catalyst and guiding light for my own project. Together with the Solaroof Forum these resources serve as a hub for networking individual pursuing Solaroof initiatives both at a commercial and DIY level alike.

Each year, about nine tonnes of CO2 is released for every person in the UK - enough to fill five hot air balloons! To make a 60% cut, each of us needs to lose the equivalent of three hot air balloons every year. The Community Carbon Reduction Programme, CRed, aims to achieve this by 2025.

Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives (ZERI) is a global network of creative minds seeking solutions to world challenges. The common vision shared by the members of the ZERI family is to view waste as resource and seek solutions using nature's design principles as inspiration.

Downsizer: a sustainable living forum

A Comprehensive resource of diy solar projects.

Home Power magazine is the Hands-on Journal of Home-Made Power. If you are interested in: making your own electricity from renewable energy, alternative vehicles, or finding out the latest in related technologies and life-styles, then this publication can keep you up to date.

Online Tools
Handy online conversion tool. Convert just about anything to anything else. Over 5,000 units, and 50,000 conversions.

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Pico Coaching
Alison Ball, life and business coach. Individual or group coaching - for specific events or long term goals.

Climbing Wall Rental

Norwich based mobile climbing wall and bungee trampoline hire company. Specialising in corporate event entertainments, childrenís activities and family fun days.

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